Friday, February 5, 2010

~Green Eyes~

We have officially finished editing all 2009 sessions and are in the process of completing all 2009 orders. YAY! We are also trying to document all of those sessions on our blog. So, for today's blog, we have the beautiful, green eyed doll Emily. It was such a delight to spend the evening with Emily and her mom, Vicki. They are two of the sweetest people we have ever met and we don't just think that because they gave us a most generous tip. :-) Thanks girls! We had a lot of fun during Emily's session and love how the pictures turned out!

~ Behind the Scenes Secret~
The sun had already begun to set and dusk was fast approaching but we still had a few shots that we wanted to get in. So, we had to improvise!! We decided to turn on our head lights for some extra light!

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