Monday, August 24, 2009

~Completely Smitten~

Meet Jena and Matt! They were such a wonderful couple to take pictures of. They have dated for a very long time- we believe it is close to 10 years and you would have thought that they were a brand new couple, completely smitten with each other. :-) They were so cute! We even got to spend time with Jena's retired race horse, Ting. We have always been horse lovers and are delighted to use them in our photographs. We are excited about Jena and Matt's wedding in October at the Kentucky Horse Park, Jena is going to even ride up in a horse and carriage. Sounds like a dream wedding!

We were sincerely thankful for all of the emails that we received from Jena, Matt and their families expressing their love for their pictures. It is emails like that that make all the hours of editing worth it, so a big thank you to all!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

~Country Wedding~

We are finally finished with Jes and Jon's wedding and as always we have trouble narrowing down our favorites for the blog, so you guys get an overload of images. :-). We love outside weddings and were thrilled to find out that Jes was going to have her horse join us for the day. Who, by the way, made the most gorgeous prop for an already awesome couple!~ Jes and Jon have a great chemistry, can't you feel their love?? They are just so sweet together, Jes has the most beautiful smile and you can so tell that Jon simply adores her. We couldn't help but be happy while editing their pictures, maybe it was the great images that we were able to get or perhaps it was Jes' contagious smile, either way we can't wait to share these with all of you. Jes and Jon, enjoy these while waiting on your album . . can't wait for you guys to see them all. :-)