Wednesday, May 6, 2009

About Us

~Blonde pigtails and braids, your Teddy Ruxpin and my pretty ponies, mud pies in our clubhouse, running around the house in cowboy boots listening to Jim Croce with Daddy, late night chats, growing up and growing older . . . . making memories that only we share~

Born three and a half years apart, we have always been super close sisters. We feel extremely blessed to have one another, and to have found our wonderful husbands- who happen to be brothers. :-) Thank you both for putting up with us. We love you! We are also very fortunate to have 3 amazing siblings that we call our best friends and parents that raised us with morals and values that we hold dear to our heart.
We love you all more than life.

Even though we had always loved photography growing up, our passion became much stronger when Ella Brooke made her grand entrance into the world. We knew that the days of slow point and shoot cameras would have to come to an end. We wanted to capture every moment and went out and bought our first DSLR cameras . . the rest is history. ;-) For us a photo shoot is so much more than posing and smiling, it's a way to capture your heart and soul. It's our desire to make your heart skip a beat when you first view our images. As time passes and our children grow older we hope that our photos will be the ones that you cling tight to, the ones that make you remember that for a moment time stood still.
~Tash & Kena

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