Friday, February 12, 2010


Whoa, did we have a hard time trying to limit our favorites for this blog?!?! We didn't do a very good job- in fact, we failed miserably at being selective in our choices, but hey, this session was awesome. Of course, it definitely doesn't help that we are indecisive and always having different opinions on what needs to be posted. ha! We couldn't help but want to share so many from this session. Not only did we find a new favorite spot to shoot but we had a real model posing it up for us. We can't wait to go back to this spot, we have big plans for it. :-) Meet Shalyne, another one of our 2010 seniors. Isn't she photogenic with those piercing blue eyes and silky, smooth skin? We had the most relaxing session with her, she was so sweet and up for anything that we ask.
On a completely different note, we have had a loss in the family this week. So, please remember our family in your prayers. :-(

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