Monday, June 22, 2009

Little Ms. Loren Beth

When we think of Loren one word comes to mind- precious ! Loren was the cutest little thing !!!! We had such a good session with her and her sweet parents Dena and Ryan. We could have taken Loren's picture all day long - she was just darling, not to mention beautiful . I, for one, just love this age; she reminded me so much of my little Ella Brooke with all of her silly faces. :-) Thanks for picking us to be your photographers, we truly appreciate it.

We apologize for just now getting these on the blog - our trip out West definitely has set us back a bit -sorry. We are trying to get back into the swing of things, we enjoyed our relaxing vacation a little too much. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy ! :-) See you soon Dena.

To all of our followers, we have some cool posts coming up, an awesome vintage car and some crazy cool painted tires! Fun. :-)

No little girl's session is complete without her very own tea party!!

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  1. She's a beautiful little girl! And of course, the photos are amazing. :-)