Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bugs . . . . Bugs . . . and more BUGS !!!

Ok, so the theme of this session was definitely BUGS ! We think Jennifer was surprised we were able to get any usable shots in. We were all swapping them little boogers like crazy, which was a pretty funny sight. We even had to clone out bugs in most of the shots, whether they were in the air or on a nose - haha.

Enough about those pesky bugs - let's talk about the Collins family. They were such a great family to work with, the kids were very polite and didn't mind for us to snap away. Oh and did I mention how ADORABLE they are, you guys truly have beautiful children. We also had the pleasure to take Chris' little sister Amelia's pictures. She was a little angel and was so fun to photograph . . . she totally knew how to work the camera - we loved her expressions, what a sweetie.

We are behind on our blog, so Jennifer already has her proofs. Thanks for the wonderfully sweet email . : - ) Hope you guys enjoy seeing them on here.

p.s. - have lots and lots of FUN on your vacation.

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