Tuesday, October 6, 2009

America's Next Top Model ;-)

We are happy to introduce to you: Miss Terran!

We had a blast at her senior session, which was all the way back in July to give you an idea of how behind we are in blogging. We loved hanging out with Terran and her mom Sally, and who could forget Matt. Thanks for helping us hold the reflector. :-) We have known Terran since she was a little girl and are delighted to see what a beautiful young woman she is becoming. We sincerely thank you guys for choosing us to capture Terran's most exciting year of high school.

On a completely different note, we would like to apologize to all of the people that wanted to schedule appointments with us this season but weren't able to get in. We have actually ended up having to turn down over 30 clients, we simply are overwhelmed with the response that we have received and wish that there were more hours in the day/days in the week. If you are interested in booking with us for 2010, we are only going to accept a limited amount of sessions, so we recommend that you book early.

We will try to get caught up with our blogs eventually, but if we are blogging then that means that we aren't editing, ordering or taking pictures . . .so sadly blogging has to come last, for now.
We won't let our break from blogging be too long though. We have some awesome posts coming up! :-)

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