Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rainbow of Tires

Check out our awesome painted tires, don't they look like big "fruit loops?" lol We have had this idea in mind for forever, and are so glad to finally be sharing it on our blog. These are sure to become a First Comes Love staple, we have already been using them with lots of clients . . they are perfect for children, seniors, couples, and families. Hey, knowing us we will have them at a wedding before long. :-) We actually have 10 more cans of spray paint waiting on the perfect tire, when we are all finished we will have a rainbow. :-)
Meet Braxton, Bryce and Raylie! They were our first clients to get to use the tires, we think the pictures turned out so adorable. Not only did their outifts match our tires great, but the children were so stinkin' cute. Thanks for the wonderful email Jenna, we are soo glad that you love them. See you guys soon!

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