Sunday, July 12, 2009

Let the senior sessions begin!

Meet Brandon! He actually just graduated with our brother Kyle in June. He wanted in last year but we were booked up so he waited until this Spring to have his senior pictures taken . . . which worked out perfectly! We absolutely LoVe working with our seniors! We like to joke around and say that we turn our clients into models for the day. ;-) What a way to start the senior season! Brandon was a great model with his thoughtful expressions and piercing blue eyes. We also had a mini family session with his parents and sister- which turned out to be a blast. As you can imagine, we are really behind in our posting and editing- his session was at the end of May to give you an idea of how far behind we are.
We have lots of great posts coming up, stay tuned for couples in love at the most awesomest, beautimous locations ever . . . . . . or at least we think so. ;-)

We went nuts while shooting at this awesome building. We had to ask permission to use it and we were so glad that we did! :-)

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